Summer Fashion Trends: Style Rules About Cowboy Hats

It doesn’t matter how the hat was made or where it was made. It can still be used to protect your head against the heat and sun.

Besides, variously embellished with stones, feathers, animal skin, or even quill pens, cowboy hats look impressive and stylish.

Gone are the days when farmers or stockmen were the only people known to use big, round straw hats.

With the selection of more user-friendly straw hats, it is now easy to find hats that would suit anyone regardless of his taste.

The Past About Cowboy Hats

Most people tend to assume that cowboy hats were only popular with cowboys and Southern gentlemen but this is not true.

Contrary to popular belief, gentlemen could also wear them as a fashion statement. straw cowboy hats go well either with a pair of khakis jeans.

And what it’s great for us is that it’s not only meant for cowboys. Cowboys could wear them as well to protect themselves when they are riding on a horse.

Besides it should also be noted that cowboy hats came in various sizes so no one could be left out in the rains or the snow.

Wear Your Cowboy Hats for Fashion Purpose

best summer cowboy hats to wear

Although ladies love to pick and use color-coordinated clothing, cowboy hats are a better choice, especially for summer and winter events.

No matter what the event is, a cowboy hat will never go out of fashion. If you pick one in a lighter shade such as pastels, you won’t overpower your clothes.

No one would want to wear them to a formal event otherwise you would be the only one in their shirt. Cooler colors such as grey, gold, or stainless steel look better on everyone.

So why wouldn’t you want to stay stylish in the summer months? No one wants to pick black or brown when it could be unique personality-colored straw cowboy hats!

Cotton or silk cowboy hats could be the choice to complete the perfect summer look.

Not only do they light up the eyes but they also keep the sun off your face. Therefore you can tie your hair back in a ponytail.