choosing metal bar stools

Are Metal Bar Stools More Durable Than Plastic Type Ones?

When buying bar stools, you have to take into consideration a range of factors that may influence your experience. You need to find comfortable and good looking stools that are also durable and easy to clean and to maintain. Sometimes, the simple choice of material can result in much better durability of your bar stools. One of the most frequent questions of people who shop around for this type of product is whether metal bar stools are more durable than plastic-type ones. This article tries to address this question to help you make the best choice.

Metal Bar Stools

choosing metal bar stools

The only possible answer is that it depends. Some metals are extremely durable, others are not. Likewise, there is plastic that can last forever and plastic that breaks under the first overweight individual that sits on the stool. Choosing the right type of materials boils down to taking a closer look at the durability and the technical specifications of each and every bar stool model.

As a general rule, stainless steel is extremely durable. In fact, this is one of the most durable choices you can possibly get. A bar stool made from high-quality stainless steel can last a lifetime, provided that you don’t drop it from the top of the building. Cheaper metals aren’t that solid, so they may sooner or later collapse under heavyweights.

At the same time, you need to keep in mind that metal bar stools may rust. If you need to clean them with water, you have to make sure you always wipe them dry as fast as possible. This is one of the drawbacks of cheaper metals and one of the main reasons you should avoid them.


Plastic Bar Stools

why choosing plastic bar stools

On the other hand, plastic-type bar stools may lack the durability you need to ensure you’re going to use them for a very long time. This doesn’t mean they aren’t as good as metal ones. However, it means that you need to pay special attention to the physical characteristics of the different types of plastic available. Most modern ones are extremely durable, so they won’t break too easily. Beware, though, they may not be as cheap as low-quality plastic. If you want quality, you have to be prepared to pay for it.

The biggest advantage of plastic is that it allows molding into almost any shape you can imagine. The results are truly outstanding. If you take a look at the websites of some of the biggest interior designers and architects, you’ll see that they make good use of this feature by designing amazing bar stools and accessories. You can rest assured that such items are extremely durable, even though they are made from plastic.


Which to Choose?

In conclusion, we can’t say that metal bar stools are more durable than plastic type ones. What we can safely say is that you should always aim to invest in high-quality seating solutions made from modern, advanced materials that are lightweight, durable, and very easy to care for. This is the future of interior design.