About Us

Edgeth Reesixty is a website about environment protection. As we all know, our environment is getting polluted severely day by day. Air pollution, water pollution, earth pollution, noise pollution, and other pollution filled in every corner of the world. Our living environment is getting worse. Thus, environmental protection is an urgent task.

As a member of the earth, everyone should set up the awareness of environmental protection and put it into action. For instance, we could use recycling stuff instead of throwaway goods. In daily life, we should divide garbage into different types. In addition, we shouldn’t spit at random. Of course, there are many other things we could do.

Our objective is advocating every citizen to protect our environment. At the same time, we will share quantities of skills to recycle used material. And we will hold some activities from time to time.

Our website is updated frequently, please keep an eye on us.